Win-It Wednesday with Kate Baum

Welcome back to Win-It Wednesday! Today I have author Kate Baum here with me. Kate is the author of the Girl Series Novels. She currently has three novels and two novellas out, with more coming soon. I’ll let her tell you all about them.


Thank you Stella for hosting me today. Hello you sexy readers! My name is Kate Baum and I’m the author of the Girl Series. A contemporary romance series about four best friends that decide one summer afternoon that they’ve been “unfulfilled” in their sexual relationships. They decide to support one another through the trials and tribulations of dating and….make a pact. An orgasm pact that is! What instead comes out is growing, learning, and believing. My “girls” are strong inspirational characters. I tried to bring out a quality in each that all women can relate to. I have the Nice Girl, Brave Girl, Funny Girl, Naughty Girl, Wild Girl, Dream Girl, Clever Girl, Rich Girl, Wicked Girl. In the works are the Smart Girl, Curvy Girl, Tough Girl and Beautiful Girl.

Kate Baum cover image2
I am so proud to announce that Funny Girl won the Readers Choice award through the RWA, New England Chapter, the Golden Quill award and is a finalist in the Bookseller’s best award and the Maggie awards!

Please visit me at or my facebook girl series page at:!/girlseriesbykatebaum

I’d love to give away a free Kate Baum ebook (kindle version only). Here’s my game. Tell me what kind of “girl” are you? If I wrote a book about you, what would the title be? Winner will be chosen at random through Let’s have some fun!!

Thanks so much, Kate! Congrats on your awards! I love your series concept and can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

In addition to Kate’s ebook, I’m going to give away a $5 Amazon gift card to one commenter. The winner will be the one with the most unique or unusual title, as judged by me. (Giveaways end June 29, 2015. All decisions are final.) Let’s give Kate a pile of more book ideas!

Kate Baum giveaway image


31 thoughts on “Win-It Wednesday with Kate Baum

  1. Kate, I’m torn over what a book about me should be called! My friends would call me the weird girl, or the sarcastic girl, the nerdy girl, or even the smart girl. But I think the cat girl describes me best since I’m always talking about my cats. 🙂

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  2. Hi Kate *waves*
    I’ve got your books in my TBR – but … yeah *whistles* I have zero free read time for me at the moment.

    I’m the girl who walked a thousand miles for love (well – it was 1300+ and I drove. Slowly – but the for love part is spot on) It’s been 9 years (I think) and still good – and per the DH – I didn’t lose a curve on the way. (he thought it important to mention that)

    yeah – boyz. *eyeroll*

    And congrats on the awards — that’s where I used to live. Generally!

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    1. Brynley Bush! I do LOVE “Dauntless Girl”! I’ll be remembering that one. A HUGE thank you to Brynley for stopping by. This gal is recuperating from surgery. Brynley writes her own smoking hot romance books. That’s what I love best about this genre is how authors support each other.

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    1. Thank you Cynthia D’Alba, sexy author of Hot Cowboys!! I like your “overeducated girl”. I used to joke that I am the equivalent of the waitress from Cheers. Two masters degrees and not a dime to my name! Hey, I think that’s my nickname. “Broke Girl!”

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  3. Well Kate Baum I would most definitely be shy girl. I am definitely backwards and shy around people I don’t know and it takes me a while to come out of my shell.

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    1. Tina, I picked you as the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card! Klutsy girl is awesome and reminds me of myself too. Congrats! Shoot me an email at at (no spaces) and tell me where to send your gift card.


  4. Kate, I love your books! My story would be called Stubborn Girl. I’m a Taurus, so my stubborn and bull headed ways come naturally! I’m shy and easy going for the most part but I have quite the temper too!

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    1. Thank you Becky. I’m going to gloss right over admitting my temper! After all, I figure I get a pass since I’m in that pre-menopausal state!

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    1. Hi Andrea! The Girl Series is New Adult but one day I do want to write a series where the main characters are in their forties. You are very correct, 40 is fabulous!

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