Monday Musings – What a Difference a Year Makes

This weekend I celebrated one year since I first hit publish on a book I had written. In honor of that first achievement, I released my third book this weekend as well. It’s been quite an eventful year.

I’ve learned a ton of things in the past year, and the more I learn, the more I realize how much there is still to learn. Cliched but true. It’s taken me this entire past year to finally feel like a real author. It wasn’t the writing part that held me up, it was the business side. Marketing your own books is not something most authors enjoy doing. Learning where to go and what to do to sell my books (other than shoving them into relatives unwilling hands) has been a challenge. After an entire year, I finally feel I’ve taken my first baby steps in the right direction.

Inspirational stonesWhen I published for the first time, I didn’t set any goals for myself or my books. Just the act in itself was a big enough achievement for me. Those first momentous steps though have inspired me throughout the year to think bigger and bolder. I do hope you’ll hang on with me for the rest of the ride. It’s going to be another wild year. 🙂


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