Guest Post – Christina Tomes

Today I have author Christina Tomes joining me with a guest post. Christina is a new author who just released her first story, Defending Her Turf. She is going to tell you about her inspiration for the story. Please join me in welcoming Christina!

Defending Her Turf Banner1

As an author, I get asked time and time again about my inspiration. People want to know if a certain person is the basis of certain characters or if events are based on situations I have been though. In my release Defending Her Turf, several characters and a few situations are based in reality.

My main character, Anna Mara, is based on a friend I have from my day job. She is a sweet and lovely redhead who drives a little sports car. While she doesn’t have a thing for old Camaros like Anna, I am sure both would agree that having a pet waiting for you at home is the best.

A second character is based on someone I know—Chester the cat. I have a soft spot for all fuzzy creatures, man or beast, so it made sense to me to have Anna have a pet. Chester also shares his begging and people food tastes with my personal writing companion Pepper-cat.

As far as situations Anna goes through in the novel, my own car troubles served as a model for hers. I have been stranded in various locations by beloved vehicles. One of my favorite times occurred about three years ago. I was driving through the middle of my local university’s campus when I ran out of gas. I didn’t even have enough to make it into a parking lot. It was my lucky day though because a football player spots me in distress and by himself, pushes my car up a small incline to a pull-off. I was so grateful that I gave him a huge hug.

Finally, defending my turf is a situation that I have personally never been in but is based on several wild stories that I have witnessed during my times at local bars. In the South, both men and women can get rowdy after a few drinks. Anna, being a true Southern woman, knows when it’s time to stick up for herself, like her real life inspirations, especially when it comes to crazy ex-girlfriends.

In case you haven’t had a chance to read my first release, Defending Her Turf, yet, here is the link to purchase it on Amazon. It cost $.99 or, if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, it’s free.

My next story, Concerto, featuring a violinist and a cowboy, is set to be released June 15, 2015. Look for it on Amazon.

You can keep up with me on Facebook for all the latest on my new releases.

Defending Her Turf Amazon Cover


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