Zeus: Unbound! – Excerpt

Zeus: Unbound! is a new release by JC Wardon. Check out the excerpt below and pick up Zeus: Unbound! at your favorite retailer today. Enjoy! ~Stella

ZEUS-JCWARDON-mdFor JC Wardon, there is nothing more gratifying than conceiving, creating, and building upon another reality where the mind is swept into the unexpected and even the unknown. That’s what JC’s The Cavanaugh Series is… a thirteen book compilation of full length stories set in a whole new world (right here on earth) where anything is possible and danger, desire, and the forbidden lurks at every turn. The biggest danger for a Cavanaugh, often turned into a disaster really, is finding that special someone…. There is none so cursed by amour, as the mystical Cavanaugh clan.

Zeus: Unbound! the 8th book in The Cavanaugh Series, and the 2nd book in The Dark Love: Nothing Grey About It! set of books published by Turquoise Morning Press, is an even deeper, darker, more dangerous step into another dimension of the forbidden. The flaming hot, darkly explosive relationship between Zeus Cavanaugh Whitehawk and Sabia Ilie is filled with perilous situations. The most precarious is between these two naturally dominant, dangerous souls, who just can’t keep their hands off each other – whether for sexual pleasure, or sometimes, deviant punishments. With his mystical gift of turning his body into a killing and purifying fire wherever demons abound, and her Lycanthrope genes giving her abilities that won’t allow her to give into his need for domination for long, there is nothing but heart-stopping, dubiously consented, sizzling hot sex from beginning to end. So… if you’re into complicated plots, dark sexy couples…and maybe even the taboo ….

Zeus: Unbound! is now available at these and other locations: AMAZON | BARNES & NOBLE | IBOOKSSMASHWORDS!

Feel free to stop in at http://jcwardon.com/library if you’re interested in learning more about the other books in The Cavanaugh Series, leading up to Zeus’s story! And if you love free reads, the first novel, Mystic Thunder, is now free!

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JC Wardon has spent the past two years living in Mystic Waters, West Virginia, with the

Cavanaugh clan as she has built their world, and gotten to know each of them with an intimacy she hopes readers also feel. Her love of the paranormal, of the question what if? and her sense of adventure for travel, even when it is only in her head, fills JC’s days with writing that makes her laugh sometimes, and cry at others. Though she loves a complicated plot, Romance is always at the heart of her stories!

JC loves to hear from readers and can be reached @:




or Tweet @jc_wardon

Zeus: Unbound! Excerpt

“How are you, Sabia Ilie?”

What do you think you are doing?”

Zeus pinned her against the brick wall with his gaze, not daring to make a move with his body on such high alert. “I am taking over.”

She shook her head; her eyes filled with fury. “You had no right to do that! He was mine! It has taken months to train him to—” She stopped talking and looked Zeus up and down, as her brows pulled together. “What are you doing here?”

“That will come when the time is right. And you will play a role in it. For now, you will do as I say. I need an entry into that club, and your pet was in the way. ”

Looking like she was about to scream, Sabia opened and closed her mouth several times before she finally growled. Zeus didn’t allow his expression to change, even knowing she could transform within seconds into the feminine little wolf he’d last seen the day his cousin married the Lycanthrope alpha Sabia had expected to claim as her own.

“I am in charge of my life, Zeus Whitehawk! You have no rights over me.” She huffed. “This is not Mystic Waters where your kin are master, judge and jury. You are out of place here, and you know nothing! If you think putting on leather is all it takes, you are ridiculous.”

Sabia scanned his form again, her expression making her distaste clear. Zeus said nothing. She didn’t have to like him or his mission. Hell, he didn’t like it either. But it was his lot in life. And for a brief time, it would be hers as well. Like it or not, she would comply, one way or another. He crossed his arms over his chest, deciding he would wait until she wore herself out with protestations; then they would proceed as he wished.

“Don’t you dare stand there and act like I’m being foolish. I’m serious! And no one will believe you are a part of this world, anyway! Those people know me and I know them. I am not taking you in there.”

He grinned, and the robust hue of her cheeks paled. Zeus wondered what he actually looked like when he thought he was smiling. People never smiled back. “You will teach me what I need to know. And I will teach you what I need you to know, as well.”

“Like hell!”

Amused, he moved forward, knowing he should pay more attention to the strong tingles indicating a demon was so close, but he couldn’t concentrate on anything but the beauty of her face and the shape of her body in the tight leather outfit. The whip in her hand didn’t concern him at all. If she tried to use it on him, he’d turn her over his knee and give her a taste of the medicine she’d probably had in store for the wimpy little man-child he’d scared off. He may have not known everything there was to know about the BDSM lifestyle others lived, but he wasn’t entirely ignorant either.

“Sabia Ilie, you have only two options. You help me by choice, or I will be obliged to convince you until you comply anyway. Why not make this easier on yourself and save us both wasted time?”

Sabia pressed her lips together and then threw a quick glance to the left when the club’s door banged against the building after it flung open. Zeus didn’t give her time to react or call for help. He dissolved the distance between them and jerked her against him, grabbing a fist full of long black hair and taking her lips in one pronounced motion. Her gasp of outrage served his purposes perfectly, allowing him to deepen the kiss and seal her attempts to scream at the same time. She tried to push against him but was no match for Zeus’s much larger form and honed muscles.

A chuckle and mumbled, “Take it to the dungeon, dude,” came and went with the sound of footsteps, but Zeus didn’t give it much thought, much less turn their way. Those passing by didn’t carry the stench of demon, and Sabia had completely stilled against him, but for the tentative testing of her teasing tongue. He took a moment more to enjoy the taste of her and the sensations flooding his body. He’d been too many months celibate not to react to the scent and feel of a woman in his arms. This one fit against him perfectly and filled his essence, like sustenance long denied.

He eased the kiss by increments and then released her mouth, but only enough that the threat of taking her lips again was clear should she try to raise an alarm. It satisfied him that she did nothing more than breathe harshly as she stared into his eyes.

Slowly her lips curved. “You think to tame me with your sexual skill, Whitehawk?”

Though that hadn’t been his intent, the thought of doing so sent thrills straight to his already straining groin. “I am not opposed to the idea.”

She chuckled, shaking her head. “I am more interested in taming you with mine.”


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