The Dom’s Game – Excerpt

The Dom's Game: A Dark Love Novel by Stella Hunter
The Dom’s Game: A Dark Love Novel by Stella Hunter


Speculation over a star football player’s sex life threatens his public image and that of his submissive, a quiet middle school teacher.


As an NFL star player for the Memphis Kings, Trevor Adams lives his life in the spotlight. All except for one small part. In his hidden moments, he’s a Dom. In spite of the celebrity life and his alternative sexual preferences, none of his partners have managed to keep his interest for long. Until he meets Nina.

Nina Barkley is a quiet middle school teacher. Her life is the exact opposite of Trevor’s. Except for the shared interest in BDSM. She has been involved in the BDSM groups in and around Memphis ever since she moved there right after college. After years of experimentation, she considers herself a switch—able to be either a Dominant or a submissive depending on her partner and what they both want. Being introduced to Trevor turns her life upside down and makes her question her true preferences.

Between the threat of being exposed by the ever-present media, Trevor’s underlying fear he will be transferred to another team, and both their troubled pasts, will they be able to find what they need in each other before they are pulled apart?

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“I know this woman you might be interested in,” Arnie said.

Trevor Adams downed his third beer and signaled the bartender for another. If anyone other than Arnie had said that, he would have instantly dismissed it. But Arnie knew Trevor, knew his proclivities, knew what he wanted in a woman. In a sub.

Arnie took Trevor’s silence as a cue to continue. “She’s gorgeous—tall, dark hair, lovely curves. And she’s a teacher.” Trevor raised an eyebrow in question. “So she’s discreet,” Arnie explained. “She can’t afford to lose her job over a sex scandal.”

Trevor liked the sound of that. He needed discreet. As the newest star player for the Memphis Kings NFL team, he had to work extra hard to keep his sex life private. Especially since his sex life was rooted firmly in the land of the taboo.

“What’s the catch?” Trevor asked. Arnie wouldn’t be telling him all this without a reason. If Arnie really thought this woman was a good match, he’d have introduced her at one of the local alternative lifestyle get-togethers instead of this beating-around-the-bush bullshit.

Arnie hesitated, and a wave of sound from a crowd at the other end of the bar intruded into their space. When the noise fell to a bearable level, Arnie finally spoke. “She’s a switch.”

Trevor took the bottle the bartender set before him and shook his head. “No,” he said emphatically. “You know that’s not what I want.”

“Just meet her. I wouldn’t be telling you about her if I didn’t think there was something there.”

Trevor sighed and took a swig from his beer. If he could trust anyone, it was Arnie. Like Trevor, Arnie was a Dom. Arnie introduced him around the alternative scene in Memphis when Trevor moved here two years ago. He had never questioned Arnie’s judgment before; he wasn’t about to start now. “What is it that you see in her?”

“She’s searching for something. I think she just hasn’t found the right partner yet. If anyone can convince her she’s really a sub, it’s you.”

“I don’t know. Still sounds like a risk.”

“Look, Trevor, she’s been around the scene for a while. Her job is in more jeopardy than yours if her choices get out. Even if a relationship goes south, she’s not going to be out for revenge.”

Trevor winced at the reminder. It had been several months since his previous relationship with a sub had ended. He’d had to pay her off to keep her from spilling his secrets like blood over the papers. Not his proudest memory. But football was all he had. If he lost his place on the team, he was screwed. A lifetime of work down the drain.

“Fine. Set it up at one of the regular get-togethers. I won’t do a one-on-one until I make my own assessment.”

“Oh, you’ll be getting around to the one-on-one soon enough. I do know your type, after all.” Arnie grinned and waggled his eyebrows at the thought. “Isn’t Anya’s party in a couple weeks?”

“Yeah, I haven’t RSVP’d yet. Didn’t know if I was quite ready to jump back into that crowd after the thing with Zoe.” Even speaking his ex-sub’s name was enough to make him cringe again at those dreadful last memories of her.

“Well, do it. I’ll make sure Nina is invited.”


Arnie nodded and pushed his own beer bottle away and stood to leave. “Yep. Make sure you call Anya, or I might just keep Nina for myself,” he joked as he slapped Trevor on the shoulder.

Trevor waved him away, shaking his head. On the surface, Arnie looked like a good ole Southern boy. Hair a tad too long, a few too many pounds on him, and more comfortable in jeans than a suit. No one would peg him as Trevor’s best friend. Trevor’s muscled body didn’t have any extra weight on it. His shaved head gleamed darkly under the florescent lights of the bar. And Trevor loved the finer things in life, including his fine suits tailored to show off every inch of his well-developed body. Luckily for both of them, Trevor hadn’t let his initial impressions rule his actions when he first met Arnie. His childhood of moving from place to place had taught him not to judge people too quickly, and it had served him well when he ended up in this quintessentially Southern city.

Trevor wasn’t surprised at how quickly he fell in love with Memphis. Like many Southern cities, it offered big city benefits but managed to hold on to that small-town feel. For the first time in his life, he felt at home. Occasionally the thought of making it his permanent home even slipped into his mind. But he always pushed it away. That was something that would have to wait for a different time, a different life. As long as he played football, he couldn’t expect to be able to stay anywhere for long.

It was the one thing he regretted about his career-football decision. His childhood was spent roaming the country; he didn’t want his adult life to be the same. He had hated not having a permanent home. He had hated trying to make new friends every year. If he was honest, he had quit making real friends before he hit fifth grade, always afraid he would be forced to leave them behind. It was yet another reason he was always surprised to consider Arnie a good friend.

Trevor finished his beer, paid his tab, and followed Arnie out into the night with a new energy in his step. It had been too long since his last relationship, he admitted to himself. He was more than ready to get back in the game.

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